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The 1:87 Scale Queensland Kilometre Posts depict the cast iron style of distance markers used on the Queensland system since the introduction of metric measurements. The cast iron distance markers were originally introduced as Mile Posts and later repositioned at kilometre intervals as part of QR's metrication program in the early 1970's.

Kilometer Post locations are based on the distance commencing from a appropriate terminal station. Examples of the commencement point for distance are Roma Street for the Main and Western Line, Roma Street via Exhibition for the North Coast Line, and Rockhampton for the Central Line. For branch lines the commencement point of measurement was the junction station. Kilometre Posts are located on the left hand side of the track leading out from the commencement point of measurement for that particular line.

The cast iron Kilometer Posts have been superseded on the modern Queensland system by reflective metal signs placed in the same location, but the cast iron examples survived on the branch lines and are still in use on some of the remaining branch's.

Our 1:87 Scale Kilometre Posts are semifinished and require no decals or painting to the sign faces. The numbers are laser cut and raised to replicate this feature of the prototype cast iron signs. The models require individual assembly of the components supplied in each pack, as well as painting of the posts after assembly. Each pack contains components to complete four 1:87 Scale Kilometre Posts..


1:87 Scale
Queensland Kilometre Posts
Pack Contains:  
  19x Kilometre Post Numbers
  Numbers Include - 1,2,3,4,5,25,26,27,28,49,50,51,52,202,203,204,377,378,379
  4x Code 60 Rail Posts
  Assembly & Installation Instructions Included
  PRICE - $14.00 per pack
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